Non-profit Organization JA BEL YA
Design & Planning
Design & Planning

Intercultural Library “JA BEL YA” Beautiful Lake

The traditions and customs of many people in Guatemala are ancient and ancestral. The physiognomy of these towns kept a close communion between the natural environment and its constructive elements. Globalization, lack of awareness, and excessive use of masonry have mutilated the essence of these villages and damaged the unique beauty of the landscape. The association Ja Bel Yá, proposed the construction of a multicultural library to promote the integral development of the inhabitants of this area. The approach aims at a reasonable, regionalist proposal, with its own materials and construction techniques, that integrates into the urban landscape without competing with the natural environment. With a novel formal character, the internal space will be a cluster of diverse sensations: a pool of knowledge, reading, and working spaces, amongst others.

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