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About Me

Bamboo Architecure
Spanish & English
10+ years

I'm an architect with a passion for bamboo

Material Savvy
I know my materials, and I'm always on standby for any advice that might help you make the best decisions for your project.
Good Vibes
They say patience is a virtue, and I always have an infinite amount for explaining the details and answering any concerns.
Proven Record
If a picture can replace 1000 words, my experience should speak for itself. But I also have plenty of words from happy clients.

My passion is to design your dream house for anywhere in the world

I have my likes when it comes to architecture. But one thing is for sure I design what you want, not what I like.

Whether in English or Spanish, I'm sure we'll find a way get on the same architectural page.

And, whether in the island of Bali or somewhere else in the globe, I'm sure I'll be able to design a building you can be proud of for a lifetime.

Willian González
Architect & Illustrator

I have more than 10 years of experience


Worked on amazing projects.


In my spare time I create and sell my bamboo inspired illustrations.

From vision to reality

If you can imagine it,

Everyone has imagined a dream house or amazing building at some point or another. And yet, it's always a struggle to take that idea and turn it into an architectural plan.

I can design it.

I'll guide you through the architectural process, helping you make all the important decisions that will result in your dream house.

Green School attracted me to Bali

One year ago I was asked to join the team designing the expansion of the Green School.

I fell in love with the jungle, island live and decided to stay living in Indonesia.

I work with clients world wide.

How I work

Architectural Concept

Take all your ideas and turn them into a material mood board.

Architecture Plan

Taking an inspirational concept and turning it into an architectural blueprint.

Supervising Construction

Creating a construction plan and making sure it's executed with precision.

Clients I've worked for

Are you ready to design something

+62 813-3910-4703
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Illustrator by night

Beautiful Pictures

Everyone needs at least one hobby to disconnect from work now and then. In my case, give me a blank sheet and some ink pens, and I can get lost in thought for hours.

But who says a hobby needs to stay a hobby. People often ask me to sketch pictures for their projects. Whether it's for a book, a poster, or a paper print, I'm always happy to take on creative projects. If you like my style and need some illustrations for your project, reach out to me.

Check out my illustrations on Instagram