Willian González

Architect & illustrator fascinated with bamboo
Why Bamboo?

Bamboo can change the world

I work with all types of building materials throughout my projects. All materials have specific strengths and weaknesses, and it's a beautiful challenge to find the right balance that brings the building my clients envision to life.

That said, I do have a professional soft spot for bamboo. It really does have superpower-like characteristics. And, when applied correctly, it can take a good building and transform it into an architectural masterpiece.

Tensile Strength
Design Beauty
Structural Flexibility
Long Life
Rapid Growth
Current Work

Latest pictures of my on-going projects

I'm an architect & illustrator, inspired by the limitless design possibilities of bamboo

No, that doesn't mean I design exclusively with bamboo. I believe the beauty of architecture is in finding the right combination of materials and using them to design buildings that go beyond what my clients envision.

I take your vision and guide you through the steps to create a building of a lifetime

Architectural Concept

I take your ideas and concepts and combine them with architectural guiding principles to create a generic appearance of the building you envision.

Architecture Plan

I turn the concept into a design of the building, including: drawings, specifications, calculations, timeline, and planning of the building process.

Supervised Construction

I see the project through to the end, providing continuous guidance and checks on building quality, schedule, and budget.

Architectural Concepts
Architectural Concepts

Step 1 of your architectural design

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Architecture Plans
Architecture Plans

Step 2 of your architectural design

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Supervised Constrution
Supervised Construction

Step 3 of your architectural design

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Buildings that last for a lifetime

Your vision

We all have an idea of something we dream of building. Some might have a more clear picture than others, but we all have it. And yet, those ideas are in danger of losing much of their magic when they are forced into a grueling and restrictive design process.

I help do your vision justice

From the moment we meet, I make it my goal to turn your idea into reality. I carefully take you through a 3-step design process and help you understand the architectural decisions you need to make. So you end up with the building of your dreams.

Architecture Plans
Supervised Constructions
Years of Experience

My travels through the world of bamboo

Since I discovered bamboo as a building material in Guatemala, I set out on a journey to learn all that you can do with bamboo. After many years, visiting countries spread around the world and learning at some of the best universities, I decided to drop anchor in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali has become the ultimate source of knowledge and inspiration. I've had the luxury to learn from experts in what is known as the birthplace of bamboo. And experiment with a series of bamboo concepts that helped me fully grasp the limitless architectural possibilities of bamboo.

Top-10 bamboo enhanced buildings around the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use bamboo as a building material?

The choice of which materials you want to use will depend on the building you are looking to build. But when considering materials, bamboo should always be on the list. There is no other material on the planet that can match the balance bamboo strikes when it comes to tensile strength, design beauty, structural flexibility, lifespan, and positive environmental impact.

Is bamboo really as strong as steel?

Bamboo is indeed strong. It has a very similar strength-to-weight ratio to that of steel. But when it comes to construction strength, steel will always come out on top.

Does bamboo have a long lifespan?

Traditionally bamboo was known as a short lifespan building material. But with today's treatment methods, bamboo has become and extremely durable building material.

Is bamboo really the fastest growing plant in the planet?

Yes, it is. Bamboo is known to grow up to 4cm per day. Which roughly translated means that once it starts growing, you can have a building-ready, structural column within 3-years. And to top it all off, the word in the jungle is that the more you harvest it, the faster it grows!

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

You can send me an email at willian@bamboonaut.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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“I am very happy with the entire process. The attention to detail and imagination for design is 10 out of 10. The methodology was of a very high standard. We were impressed, especially with the initial cardboard design and the transformation to a full 3D view. It allowed us to see every angle early on.”

Owner Villa Grandison

Barry Grandison

"When we first met Willian we had a vague idea of the house dreamed of building. Willian patiently guided us from A-Z, from the first concept, to choosing the best mix of materials to bring the building to live."


Ángel Figueroa Mayordomo

Illustrator by night

Beautiful Pictures

Everyone needs at least one hobby to disconnect from work now and then. In my case, give me a blank sheet and some ink pens, and I can get lost in thought for hours.

But who says a hobby needs to stay a hobby. People often ask me to sketch pictures for their projects. Whether it's for a book, a poster, or a paper print, I'm always happy to take on creative projects. If you like my style and need some illustrations for your project, reach out to me.

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